Diversity in Data Science at UCSD

Student Organization to promote diversity in Data Science at UCSD


What We Do

About Us

Diversity in Data Science is a student-ran, non-profit organization with the purpose of building a community for under-represented students while promoting diversity within the Data Science department at UCSD.

Founded in Spring of 2021, DDS works to create and promote a welcoming learning enviornment for people of all backgrounds. We are open to:

  • All undergraduates
  • All majors
  • All domains
  • All skill levels

Get Involved

For more information on events and how to get involved, please email us at dds@ucsd.edu

Community building

Build friendships and community within the student community at HDSI.

Big/Little Program

Provide mentorships for HDSI students.

Project Teams

Explore DEI datasets and conduct data analysis, as well as practicing skills outside of the classroom.


Promote diveristy in Data Science including introducing to high school students


For more information on upcoming events, follow up on Instagram @dds_ucsd

Join us for our first DDS workshop on Thursday, October 7th, at 5pm. Great opportunity to learn how to refine your resume , or make one if you have not had the chance.
Zoom Link

DDS Resume Workshop

Fall Quarter: Week 2

Join us for our first GBM on Thursday, October 14th at 8pm! Meet out new board members and find out what we are all about. There will be time after the GBM to socialize with other students. Find out how you can get involved! Password: diversity
Zoom Link

GBM #1

Fall Quarter: Week 3

Join our DDS project teams. They will focus on analyzing datasets within DEI topics. Join our DDS Discord channel for updates. More information to come!
Application: Due Saturday October 16th at 11:59PM

DDS Project Teams

Fall Quarter

Join our little/big mentorship program to get to meet more people and build connections.

DDS Big/Little Pilot Program

Fall Quarter


Interview Prep/Imposter Syndrome Workshop

May 12th

Defining Imposter Syndrome and resources for tackling it. Followed by Interviewing Tips and a panel of successful Data Science undergrads.

Tableau Workshop

May 19th

A two part series on Tableau! The first of which follows data vizualization, followed by part 2 which incorporates Machine Learning and algorithm building aspects of Tableau.

Project Team Presentation

May 26th

Watch our fellow DDS project team present their work for the Spring quarter. Their project focuses on DEI topics, data analysis, and machine learning.

Board Members

Meet our DDS Board Members! Feel free to email any of us or dds@ucsd.edu

Marcos Arevalo

President He/him/his

Fourth-year Data Science & Math-Econ Major with a Business minor

email: marevalo@ucsd.edu

David Dávila-García

Vice President He/him/his

Fourth-year Data Science Major with a Biology minor in pre-med

email: ddavilag@ucsd.edu

Maricela Vasquez

Events Chair She/her/hers

Fourth-year Data Science Major with a Business Minor

email: mgvasque@ucsd.edu

Jessica Guzman

Diversity & Inclusion Chair She/her/hers

Third-year Data Science & Applied Math Major

email: jeguzman@ucsd.edu

Moksha Poladi

Outreach Chair She/her/hers

Third-year Data Science Major with a Cognitive Science minor

email: mpoladi@ucsd.edu

Sophia Lugo

Publicity She/her/hers

Second-year Data Science Major

email: slugo@ucsd.edu

Tonoya Ahmed

Secretary She/Her/Hers

Second-year Data Science Major

email: ttahmed@ucsd.edu

Aneesh Navanale

Project Team Co-Chair He/him/his

Third-year Data Science Major with an Economics minor

email: anavanal@ucsd.edu

Eric Cherny

Project Team Co-Chair He/him/his

Second-year Data Science Major

email: echerny@ucsd.edu

Saura Naderi

DDS Staff Advisor

HDSI K-14 Outreach Director

email: snaderi@ucsd.edu


Feel free to reach out for any questions or concerns